Jeff Hogan has been filming wildlife behavioral sequences for over twenty years. Jeff's clients include National Geographic, BBC, ZDF Germany, ABC Kane and many others. He has won several awards for his work including three Emmy Nominations for cinematography. Jeff's early start was mentoring with Jeff Foote for Survival Anglia, and working for Mark Shelly of Sea Studios in California.

Jeff shoots in several formats including S16 & 35mm film. HD Video using the Panasonic 3700 P2, Sony HD CAM 900, Panisonic Varicam 27F/H w/ Ki-Pro Mini for 10 bit Pro Res recording. and DSLR'S for time lapse, camera traps, remote and infrared image capture.

 In "American Cougar" the most recent Hogan Films production for National Geographic, Jeff produced stunning behavioral HD Video sequences by developing DSLR camera traps with specialized daylight balanced lighting.

A naturalist at heart, Jeff's passion for wilderness fieldcraft combined with his discipline with still photography allows him to produce unique, arrestingly beautiful behavioral films.